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Julie Hasfjord is a Norwegian singer and performer who enjoys a versatile approach to her artistic practice. She works in different styles and genres, ranging from the classical music field to pop, folk, and electronic music. She especially loves being active in the wide-ranging world of new music, creating new music and artworks through collaborations.

Julie has appeared in several festivals, both in Norway and the Netherlands, including Opera Forward Festival, SNAAR Festival, Olavsfest, and K&M Fest. 


In 2020/2021 she participated NKK NXT, a talent development program run by Nederlands Kamerkoor, where young singers create, produce, and sing a performance together, giving their take on what ensemble singing is about. This period was the beginning of IMMIX Vocal Ensemble and resulted in the hybrid live/online performance, BLOOM - A Sequence of Gatherings, which was well received by critics and given four stars by the Dutch newspaper, NRC. 

IMMIX Vocal Ensemble has appeared in several festivals, including Boulevard Festival where they also performed a fully live version of BLOOM. As well as creating their own performances, they have been lucky enough to sing with Nederlands Kamerkoor, premiering a piece by the Dutch composer, Mathilde Wantenaar. In 2021 and 2022, IMMIX worked together with Wende Snijders, taking part in her show, De Wildernis, with which they went on several tours in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

As a passionate ensemble singer, she sings with professional vocal ensembles such Trondheim Vocal Ensemble and the Netherlands Chamber Choir. Next to being active in the running of IMMIX Vocal Ensemble, she also formed the vocal trio Bitter Blossoms, together with Viktoria Nikolova and Phoebe Kirrage.

Julie has studied classical singing at the Faculty of Performing Arts, University of Stavanger, and at the Royal Conservatoire in the Hague, where she graduated with a master degree in June 2020. She has studied with Bettina Smith, Sasja Hunnego, Lenie van den Heuvel, Catrin Wyn-Davies, and Noa Frenkel. 

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