Photo by Mitchell Lisse


I am a singer, performer and artist who loves to discover new territories and ways of thinking through collaborations and creating art.

I am also a music pedagogue who finds it interesting and stimulating to communicate music to people coming from different perspectives, inviting them to discover the many joys of playing and singing music.

I am currently based in The Hague,

The Netherlands, and partially in Trondheim, Norway.


As a classically trained singer, I appreciate having a versatile approach to genres and repertoire. Through my education and experience, I have enjoyed working with classical music, as well as modern and contemporary music that makes borders between genres more blurry. I am also happy when given the opportunitity to work with other genres, such as folk and pop music.

Being an active ensemble singer and chamber musician, I am happily merging my different interests in several projects I am currently working with through the traineeship NKK NXT by Nederlands Kamerkoor and the new music collective, Linen of Words.