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IMMIX Vocal Ensemble

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IMMIX VOCAL ENSEMBLE is a collective of nine young artists: singers, writers, theatre makers, composers and conductors, who create novel ensemble singing performances with honest storytelling, putting the choral experience centre stage.​ Starting out with the help and guidance of Netherlands Chamber Choir, the troupe found each other in the midst of the global pandemic as participants of NKK NXT 20/21. During this talent development program, IMMIX created a hybrid performance designed for both live and online audiences, which was well received by critics and the public. Using storytelling as the backbone of their performances, they look across genres, embrace cooperation and experiment with performance practices. 

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After her much praised show MENS, Wende now develops her new fully Dutch performance De Wildernis. In collaboration with theatre group Oostpool, IMMIX Vocal Ensemble, and an (inter-)national artistic team, Wende explores the wilderness within ourselves and in the outside world. She translates what lives in between our hearts and subconsciousness in a new multidisciplinary show.

BLOOM – A Sequence of Gatherings

How do we come together when we are physically apart? NKK NXT 20/21 – IMMIX, designed a performance that will be breaking boundaries between personal presence and digital distance, in a search of the future of choral singing

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