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IMMIX VOCAL ENSEMBLE is a new collective of nine young artists: singers, writers, theatre makers, composers and conductors, who create novel ensemble singing performances with honest storytelling, putting the choral experience centre stage.


Starting out with the help and guidance of Netherlands Chamber Choir, the troupe found each other in the midst of the global pandemic as participants of NKK NXT 20/21. During this talent development program, we managed to create a hybrid theatrical ensemble singing performance that was well received by both audience and critics. Using story as the backbone of our performance, we look across genres, embrace cooperation and experiment with performance practices. 


Photo by Eason Lin

BLOOM - A Sequence of Gatherings
How does togetherness feel for you?

How do we come together when we are physically apart? NKK NXT 20/21 – Immix designed a performance that will be breaking boundaries between personal presence and digital distance, in a search for the future of choral music. To be viewed either live in the Paardenkathedraal in Utrecht or online via livestream, the singers construct and deconstruct language, sound and different realities, blending the digital world with the physical space and mirroring a real life on the screen.

BLOOM is the performance from which Immix Vocal Ensemble emerged. With support and mentoring from the traineeship program of the Netherlands Chamber Choir, they created, conceptualized and produced this hybrid performance, while gathering and collaborating together with a team of talented young professionals.

The ensemble commissioned Icelandic composer Ragnheiður Erla Björnsdóttir to make choir material that would connect already existing compositions in our vision. Director Stijn Dijkema translated our concept to a live experience that would also work for our digital audience, together with Charlie Feld who facilitated the livestream and the dynamic camerawork.

“Young choir talent proves: Live and online can go very well together” (★★★★ – NRC)

BLOOM - A Sequence of Gatherings is now available for on-demand streaming online!

WENDE - De Wildernis

During their NKK NXT traineeship, Immix has been priviliedged to work together with Wende Snijders on her new performance, De Wildernis. After two tours of try-out performances in April 2021 and September 2021, we cannot wait until the premiere and next tour around the Netherlands with Wende Snijders, 

Nils Davidse and Nicky Hustinx. 


Photo by Linde Dorenbos



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Photo by Viktoria Nikolova

LINEN OF WORDS is a recently formed new music collective with Julie Hasfjord (voice), Leah Plave (cello) and Annick Odom (double bass/clarinet) as it's core members. The collective came together around a love of collaborations with other artists, storytelling, and a desire to create new music which connects and inspires reflection. 

A new music take on storytelling and folk songs

THREADS is a concert production mixing storytelling, folk songs and new own compositions, by Linen of Words and Annick Odom & Tiziano Teodori Duo. Using electronics, voice, bass, clarinet, and cello, they blend folksongs and stories learned personally from musicians in Appalachia in the USA with improvised and self-written music.

Our performance from Matrix, Rotterdam is available on Youtube.


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Hear hear!

Come and listen to music and poetry

from heretofore with Parnassus.

We will share stories of folly, fire,

life and death!

Parnassos is the duo formed by Julie Hasfjord (soprano) and Magnus Wendel (lute), a result of the two musicians and friends' shared interest and fascination for the beautiful songs and the often amazing stories connected to them from 1600's England and Spain.  Having known each other for many years already, they finally had the time and opportunity to give concerts together and make their first recordings in Trondheim, Norway in 2020.

Photo by Ingvild Schmedling